Using Promotional Logo Pens to Market Your Business

One of the factors that can impact business success is how much exposure the company gets. A company might have a terrific product or an innovative service that serves a niche market. However, if it does not generate enough publicity, or if no one recognizes the brand, the product or service will not survive. Marketing studies have shown that when a person sees a logo or brand repeatedly, the logo will start to imprint in the person’s mind, and he will start to remember and recognize it. Placing your logo on a pen is a great way to promote your company. Here’s how custom logo pens can help boost your business.
Pens are something that everyone uses at one time or another. It is small, portable, and highly useful. If you participate in trade shows and put pens on the table as giveaways, people will usually take one. They might not use the pen at the moment, but it is likely that they will use the pen in the near future. If you give away high quality pens, they will likely keep it around longer. The more often they use it, the more times they will see your logo, and they will start to recognize your logo more easily. That increases your brand exposure.

If you run an office where you receive clients, keeping custom logo pens around can make a good impression on the client. It adds a non-verbal layer of professionalism to your business. For your business executives, you can even place your logo and business phone number on fancier pens. Give one of these to your major clients as a token of your business relationship.

You can find a wide range of pens that can be customized with your logo. Before you buy, you should think about what these pens will be used for. If you are planning a massive giveaway during a multi-day trade show, you need to balance the quantity you need with the quality of the pen in order to stay within your budget. If you are following up on leads for potential clients, and you are sending out information packets, you might want to include a high quality, attractive pen with your logo and phone number on it along with the information material. If the pen looks nice, the potential client will keep it around to use, and he will be carrying your brand around.

You can have pens printed for a special occasion. For example, if your company is celebrating an anniversary, what better way to mark the celebration than with an attractive customized pen for each of your employees? When they use their pens on the job, they will use it with pride.

You can give out customized pens on other occasions like community events, job fairs, company tours, and other venues. It is an economical way to spread the word about your brand. Market research reports say that people tend to keep pens around for about six months on the average. So, that’s one marketing investment that has lasting power. Therefore, next time you are brainstorming about how to build up your brand recognition, consider custom logo pens.

Travel Advertising Logo Pens

When you go to a hotel, or even stay at a casino, they will often have custom printed materials available. They will have stationary on the desk, as well as ink pens that will have their name and logo. They actually want you to take those materials with you. They know that people use these every day. If you do take them, every time that you use these items, their company name and logo will be in front of you and may potentially lead to a future sale. If this is a form of marketing that you have never tried, it can actually be very effective. You need to find a competent business that specializes in the production of these materials. You may want to start with custom logo pens and there are several companies that can help you out.

How To Find The Businesses That Create These Custom Pens

Locating companies that produce custom pens with logos is very easy to accomplish. You can search through the local business directory, or you can look for them online. If you do this on the web, you will be directed to multiple companies that offer to print custom items. They will likely have a team of graphics designers that can help you produce the exact graphic that you will need.

The Best Way To Evaluate These Companies

The easiest way to look at what they have done before is to go through their catalog. If they do produce custom pens with logos, you will see all of the ones that they can make for you. Based on the color and design of the pen, you can make your choice. You will then want to do this with every company that you find. Finally, compare the prices for similar items that each company can produce for you and choose the one with the lowest cost.

Promotional Offers And Coupons Available On The Web

There are so many companies that offer discounts on the production of these materials. The first way that you can get a discount is to take advantage of bulk pricing. For example, when you print 100 custom pens, and compare that to in order for a 1000 pens, you will see that the cost per pen will go down substantially. You may not realize how much money you could save until you make this calculation. Finally, if you have clicked on an advertisement that is offering a promotional code, you can see how much your order will cost in the shopping cart. By doing all of this, you can easily find the most advanced company to use that is also offering substantial discounts on printing these custom logo pens.

When you have these printed, and you start to give them away, you can expect some level of success. People use ink pens every day. The more of these that you give out, the higher your chances are of making more sales every month. It really is that easy to improve your marketing campaigns. By finding a reputable custom pen company, you will not only save money, but you will have a proven method for generating more sales.

Promotional Pens and Its Advertising Power

If you would like to improve the number of sales that your company can make, you may want to consider investing in designer merchandise. Specifically, companies will print their logo and name of their company on items that they will give away. One of the more popular items is a pen that will have a custom logo that represents their business. These can be given away at trade shows, conventions, or simply sent out to potential customers that will receive this in the mail. Here is an overview of the process of getting custom logo pens for discount prices.

What Is The Main Purpose Of This Form Of Advertising?

This type of advertising is one that has been used for decades. By printing the name of your company, or your company logo, on merchandise that people will use on a daily basis, this keeps your company at the front of their mind. This is why people will print custom logos on stationary, mugs, T-shirts, and ink pens that they can easily give away. These are items that people may use on a daily basis. Every time they use them, the name and logo of your company will be right in front of them. Although this is not traditional advertising, it certainly a way to interact with the mindset of people that will use these items, subsequently leading to future sales.

How Do You Get Your Custom Logo On And Ink Pen?

The companies that you contact will have very specific machines that are designed to work with different types of items. In the case of ink pens, they will use one or more different sizes, coming in multiple colors, that will be sent through the machines so the custom logo can be printed. Many of the larger companies are able to produce thousands of these in a batch. You can also order smaller amounts. When you choose one of these companies, you will want to select the business that not only has a good reputation, but is also a company that is known for offering low prices.

How To Get Discounts On Custom Logo Printing On Pens

Many of the largest companies are in competition with others that provide similar services. That is why they will often advertise with promo codes that you can use. They will typically have a limited time offer that you must use by a certain date. By taking them up on their offer, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars on your order by using these promotional codes. They may even have a discount on the design of your logo if you do not have one currently. You can work with their team to eventually create a logo that will represent your company that will be printed on these ink pens.

Once you have these printed, you will then have to determine how you will be able to distribute them. This could be in person, perhaps at a convention, or you could order a mailing list and send these custom pens out to potential customers. Once you have done this, you can monitor the results. You may even have different ink pens printed, each with a slightly different color or design. If you see an influx in traffic to your website, or more foot traffic to your business, you can determine which custom logo pens are working the best. This form of advertising is likely to be very successful and will be a wise investment.